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How to take backup&restore tally data? Automatically backup online

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Backing up of data is important due to various reasons. There are always threats of data loss. You will loss all the transactions entered if your hard disk crashes. There are many other reasons like data corruption due to quick power shutdown while using the program. The solution is taking backup of tally data and restore it when needed. It is  always recommend data backup in frequent interval depend upon the volume of data you are entering . This may be hourly basis ,daily or weekly basis. You can decide the frequency by judging how hard it is to re-enter once it is lost.

Creating Backup in folder Format

This is the simplest method of data backup, Just copy and paste the data folder of tally erp 9 to another location like another computer hard drive, or pen drive,memory chip etc. Here is how to find out the data location of your tally.

Gateway of tally> F1 Select Company

Data path of tally erp 9 data

Here you will find the path  C:\Users\Public\Tally.ERP9\Data

Mean while note down the number of each company for which data backup is needed. You can copy the entire data folder or for a single company copy the folder name with the number of company.

  1. Open the data folder
  2. To backup all company, copy the whole data folder  as shown below.

Copy the tally data folder

  1. If you want a single company or selected companies, just open the folder, For example ,You want to back up data’s of ABC Ltd & XYZ company, copy only folder No 10000 & 10001.

Copy selected company data

  1. Paste some other storage media like flash drive or usb drive or another computer in a network etc. You can use compression software to reduce the size and can store online cloud storage like google drive or dropbox etc.

Restore folder format  backup.

If you want to restore the data , just copy the backup folder and paste in tally data location; It is that simple.For example

  1. You need to restore all companies backup Just go to the folder  C:\Users\Public\Tally.ERP9\ and  Paste the entire “Data” Folder in it.
  2. Suppose you need to restore only ABC Ltd & XYZ Company go to the folder  C:\Users\Public\Tally.ERP9\Data\  and paste the folder  10001 & 10002 into the data folder.

Backup tally erp 9 default method

There is an inbuilt option of creating a separate data file in tally erp 9. Here is the illustration of how to do this.

Gateway of Tally > Company Info >Backup

The options screen will display.

  1. Source : This will selected automatically, this the data file location  here it is  C:\Users\Public\Tally.ERP9\Data\
  2. Destination : Tally will display a destination where file is stored as backup. You can change it by typing a location ,If folder does’t exist in the location, tally will create it. Let’s create a new folder destination  D:\Tallybackup .
  3. From the list of companies select the required companies need to be backed up.
  4. Select End of list if you chosen few of many companies.
  5. Or select All items if you need all companies data.

back up of companies on disk

Selected few comapnies

  1. Hit enter and accept the key to start the process. After the process is completed tally will back to the company info menu.
  2. In the destination folder you will find the data files.

Back up files

You can copy these files to some other location or medium also.

How to restore backup ?

To restore this default back up

Go to Gateway of tally> Company Info ( Alt +F3) >Restore

  1. Destination is the data folder of company ,this will shown automatically.
  2. Source is the location of your backup files, this will be the location where you created bkp file last time.If you have moved these backup files to some other location, choose the source accordingly.
  3. To restore all company select All items from the list
  4. To restore few companies from the list select the required company then end of list.

Restore back up of screens

Click on Yes or use Enter Key to complete the process.

Automatically upload backup to a cloud storage like Drop box ,Google Drive. An online backup.

You can start synchronize the backup file with your online storage cloud account like Dropbox and google drive and stay hassle free.

Create an account in Drop box or google drive. If you have a gmail account, use the same email and password for google drive also. Now download the desktop app of any one one of the service.

  • For Google drive you will download from  Here
  • For Dropbox app download link is here.
  • Now install your storage app on your computer. The software icon will open a folder for you. Here is the folder of dropbox.
  • Create a tally backup folder for example “Tallybackup”


tally backup folder in dropbox desktop app

Next time When you take backup, the destination would be this folder


backup destination in dropbox

Just take the backup and forget about uploading or moving to another location. Make sure that your system is always connected with Internet.

In the same way you can upload the files to google drive also.Once you created this system, your data’s are safe with google drive or dropbox.

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