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How to round off gst invoice in tally ?

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Rounding off invoice is a standard practice of a business. This will create an expense / income in profit and loss account. earlier we were using voucher class  for auto round off. Now then, tally has implemented an in built feature. let’s discuss.

Create round off ledger

Accounting Info> Ledger>Create

Name: Round off.

Under : Indirect expense, this can be placed under indirect income also.

Types of ledger : Invoice rounding 

Rounding method : Three options available here. Normal roundingDownward rounding,Upward rounding. Select whichever  you need.

Rounding limit: You can limit the maximum amount of rounding, this can be one rupee, 10 rupee or even 100 rupee.

round off ledger creation

Hit enter and accept the screen to create ledger.

How round off gst sales invoice?

Let’s take the following sales invoice for example.

ABC Ltd sold 10 No HP laptop @ 29999 with 18% GST.

As usual enter, party name ,sales ledger ,name of item, CGST & SGST ledger. The total shows fraction amount.

SELECT ROUND OFF ledger JUST UNDER TAX LEDGERS. The invoice automatically become rounded as per instruction given.

gst sale voucher round off

When you print this, you will see this in invoice also.

gst invoice with round off

Hope this helps.

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