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Create party ledger for gst, customer & supplier ledgers

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Here in this post we are discussing how to create party ledger for gst implementation in tally.

To create a customer or sundry debtor ledger

To create a customer ledger as usual go to

Gateway of Tally> Accounting Info>Ledger >Create

In the ledger creation screen enter the following.

Name: Customer A (Name of the customer )

Under: Sundry Debtors

Maintain Balances bill by bill: Yes, If you wish to keep bill wise balance of customers

Default Credit Period: Enter the number of days you wish to give credit period to the customer.

Check for Credit days During voucher entry : This warn you if the customer exceed the credit period.

Mailing Details : Enter the address of the customer, Most important select the right state in state column. This will determine whether the transaction is local or interstate.

Provide Bank details: Yes, You can enter the transaction type whether e-transfer, cheque ,Favoring name, cheque crossing etc.

Tax Registration details

PAN/IT NO : Enter the PAN number of the customer

Registration type: Select the type of registration sought by the customer ,there are four option, composition, consumer, regular,Unregistered. Choose which one applicable to your customer.

gst customer registration type

GSTIN/UIN : Enter GSTIN of the customer.

Enable Set/alter GSTIN:  Yes

This will open GST details screen.

You can enter more gst details as shown below. fill what is applicable to your customer.

gst details

Hit enter to save gst details, now you are back to ledger creation screen.

customer ledger creation for gst

Hit enter key to accept and save the ledger ,

How to create a supplier Ledger  for GST?

This is similar to creating customer ledger creation. Only difference is Under Group is Sundry creditor.

Name: Supplier Name.

Under :Sundry Creditors

See below image for the rest of data entry.

supplier ledger creation example

Hit enter to save the screen.

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