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Create GST Purchase and sales ledger in tally erp 9

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We know how to create a ledger in tally erp 9. Earlier we had posted to creating purchase ledger and sales ledger in normal mode. But here we are explaining creating ledger of sales and purchase for GST Compliance. There are not much difference in creating a sale ledger and purchase ledger for gst with normal ledger creation. But When creating for GST compliance  we can define GST details like GST rates & hsn /sac codes in purchase and sales ledger. If a tax payer sells many items having same gst tax rate can define tax rates at GST ledger level and similarly in purchase most of the item you purchase have same gst rate can define rates at purchase ledger level.

Before we start creating any ledger for GST, Make sure that you have activated GST in tally erp 9, also knowledge of the setting up  gst rates and hsn/sac codes are recommended. If you don’t know how to activate GST & rate/ hsn/sac codes set up ,refer below links.

Create sales ledger for GST compliance

Let’s create a sales ledger for GST Accounting.

Go to Gateway of tally> Accounts Info>Ledger >Create

Name: Sales ,Give your own name for your sales ledger ,for example local sale, 18% sale, etc.

Under: Sale Account.

Inventory values are affected : Yes

Type of ledger : Select Not applicable, there are three options available ,Discount ,Invoice rounding etc.

Under statutory information

Is GST Applicable?: Select Applicable

Set/alter GST Details : Yes , Only if you wish to set up gst rates and hsn sac at ledger level otherwise No. There are multiple options for setting up gst details in tally erp 9. You can define GST details at the following levels of tally erp 9.

  1. At Company level ( When creating a company)
  2. At stock group level ( When creating a stock group)
  3. Stock Item level ( When creating stock item )
  4. Ledger Group level ( When creating a ledger group)
  5. Ledger Level ( When creating a ledger)
  6. At Transaction level ( At the time of entering a transaction)


Before deciding,Where to set gst rate and hsn/sac  read the article from below link to know why to set at various levels of tally erp 9.

If set Yes at ledger creation level ,A gst details screen will appear as follows.

gst details for ledger

This screen shows only minimal options, If you want to see all option of GST details Press F12 Configure and activate the required options.

f12 configuration of gst details of ledger

Activate the necessary options.Here is the full option after configuration settings.

gst details of ledger full option

Press enter key and save the rate set up screen. You you are back to main ledger creation screen.

Type of supply: Goods or Services

gst gst sales ledger creation screen final

Press Enter and accept and save the screen to create GST sale ledger.

Purchase Ledger Creation for GST

This is similar to sale ledger creation explained above. a little difference are there.

Gateway of Tally> Accounts Info> Ledger >Create

Name: Purchase

Under: Purchase Account

Inventory Values are affected : Yes

Type of Ledger : Not applicable

Is GST applicable? :Yes

Set/alter GST details : Yes or No If set Yes the GST rate and hsn/sac are to be set in the same manner explained above in sale ledger creation.

Type of Supply : Goods/Services

Here is the final screen shot of purchase ledger creation for gst.

gst purchase ledger creation

Accept and save the screen by pressing enter key or Ctrl+A  to create gst purchase ledger.

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