How to activate gst in tally erp 9?
Now that GST is the main indirect taxation system in India. Tally erp 9 has also implemented GST  in its software. Tally is fully compatible with gst accounting. Let’s see How to activate GST in tally. From the Gateway of Tally click on F11 Features – F3 Statutory & taxation In this screen. you will… (0 comment)

How to create GST sales voucher & invoice in tally erp 9
After Activation of GST  & Tax rate & HSN /SAC setup ;let’s learn  How to enter GST sales voucher in tally erp 9. GST sale entry includes  GST local sale billing& GST Inter state sale billing. and how to print GST sale invoice or sale bill. GST rules comprise two types of Invoices. Tax Invoice :  Tax invoice under GST is an invoice issued by… (0 comment)

How to enter purchase entry with gst in tally?
Every business makes purchases. In GST, a registered dealer eligible for input tax credit ( ITC ) other than a composition dealer , works contract services , restaurants and some other exceptional cases. So the tax claim shall be recorded in the purchase voucher.   Let’s discuss how purchase invoices are recorded in tally. Follow the below… (0 comment)

How to create stock item for GST ?
Let’s create stock item for GST. This is almost similar to the normal  stock item creation.  At the same time stock group and stock categories can be applied to gst stock items if required. To create stock item for tax compliance, the first and foremost step is to  activate gst in tally. you will get more details from the link. Then decide… (0 comment)

Create party ledger for gst, customer & supplier ledgers
Here in this post we are discussing how to create party ledger for gst implementation in tally. To create a customer or sundry debtor ledger To create a customer ledger as usual go to Gateway of Tally> Accounting Info>Ledger >Create In the ledger creation screen enter the following. Name: Customer A (Name of the customer )… (0 comment)

Create GST Purchase and sales ledger in tally erp 9
We know how to create a ledger in tally erp 9. Earlier we had posted to creating purchase ledger and sales ledger in normal mode. But here we are explaining creating ledger of sales and purchase for GST Compliance. There are not much difference in creating a sale ledger and purchase ledger for gst with normal ledger creation.… (0 comment)