How To Make TDS Payment Online?

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Tax Deducted at Source should be deposited to the government on or before the time limit declared by the Income tax department. Late payment cost you interest and penalty. Usually TDS Collected shall be be deposited on or before 7th of subsequent month.

TDS Payment Due date chart

In this post let’s discuss how to make TDS Payment online. Before making payment you must have a TAN No. TAN is the abbreviation of Tax deduction and collection account number. Without a TAN No. This number is required in TDS return, TDS Payment challan etc. Lets begin the procedure for TDS Payment.

TDS Rate Chart FY 2016-17



  • In the list of challans select Challan NO./ITNS 281

TDS Challan ITNS 281

  • It is important that you should choose the right deductee ( the one who deduct TDS). That is if you are a company select (0020)COMPANY DEDUCTEES or if you are an Individual, partnership or co-op society select (0021) NON-COMPANY DEDUCTEES
  • Enter TAN Number in the column provided, You will be able to move further and enter other details only if the entered TAN number is found valid.
  • Choosing right Assessment year is more important. If you made mistake to choose the correct assessment year will take you in to deep trouble in rectifying it. You will have to submit letter of request to the department and a long wait follow up to solve it. If you are making payment of current FY 2016-17 Assessment year shall be selected 2017-18.
  • If the TDS Payment is a normal payment by tax payer then select ‘(200)TDS/TCS Payable by Taxpayer’ .If TDS Payment is making as an after affect of a departmental assessment choose ‘(400)TDS/TCS Regular Assessment (Raised by I.T. Deptt.)‘.
  • A confirmation would be asked upon submission of correct data after a validation by system.You can click submit to make bank payment if everything found in order.The challan page would redirected to the bank merchant page. Here is a sample completed challan.


  • You have to login using net-banking username and password enter

Bank login page

In the bank challan form enter the tds amount, interest & penalty if any.

Online tds payment bank challan form

Upon Successful payment,a challan would be displayed with Challan Number called challan Identification number with all Payment details.


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For Verification of Payment,You can visit the NSDL  challan status inquiry After one week of payment. You can call NSDL Service at 020-27218080 or email e-tax@nsdl.co.in for any assistance.

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