GST Enrolment – How to enrol as an existing tax payer at the GST common portal ?

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The new tax reformation system GST ( Goods and Service Tax) is going to come into force from April 2017. The government is in the process of moving existing tax payers into the new regime of GST.  All existing tax payers registered under the Central excise, Service tax, State sales tax or Value Added Tax ( VAT),Entry tax, Luxury tax, and entertainment tax are required to provide their details at the GST Common portal managed by the Goods and service tax network ( GSTN ) for the purpose of migrating theme selves to the GST regime. The existing tax payers have been advised to enrol before 31 st January 2017.

Remember, new registration into the GST Regime has not been opened yet.

To begin with tax payers registered under the state VAT department need to provide their details .All the other tax payers will be intimated a later date to provide their details.

Once tax payers provided their details ther will be NO NEED for them to register again with state or Center once the GST Act is implemented.

Provisional ID and password

To Facilitate the migration from existing tax system to the new GST, the departments; for eg: VAT, Central Excise will be communicating to the tax payers with a temporary user name and password wiz, provisional id and password through tax payer’s registered email or mobile number.

Why am I not able to generate /get Provisional id & password ?

These provisional id and passwords may also be available through existing tax portals. Make sure that you have completed all compliance like payment of tax, filing of return with existing tax payment departments. Unless until you will not be able to generate or get provisional id and password.

I complied with the requirement of existing tax system, still I am facing difficulty in getting provisional id & password why ?

you are facing difficulties in getting provisional id and password even after fulfilling all requirement of the existing tax payment department, You have to consult with the concerned officer of the department who is handling the affairs of your business to resolve the issue.

Should I get separate provisional id and password as I am registered with both VAT department & Central excise department?

No one provisional id will be applicable for all taxes merging into GST.

GST Enrolment schedule of your state.

The enrolment process for issuance of provisional id is different for existing tax payers registered with the VAT Department and the existing tax payers registered under other tax systems but not with the VAT department.

Enrolment of Taxpayers who are registered under Central Excise Act but not registered under State VAT is started on 05-01-2017 where as  Enrolment of Taxpayers who are registered under Service Tax Act but not registered under State VAT will be starting at 14-01-2017.

Click here to get the complete list of  scheduled date for enrolling into GST.

Steps to Enrol in to New GST Common portal

  1. The state VAT Department will be communicating the provisional id and password.
  2. Access the GST Common portal https://www.gst.gov.in/ create your unique username and password using Provisional ID and password.
  3. Login to GST Common portal with your new login details.
  4. Fill the Enrolment  application and provide business details.Don’t miss the mandatory details.
  5. Verify the auto populated details from the state VAT system.
  6. Attach the mandatory documents.
  7. Sign the Enrolment application electronically.
  8. Submit the Enrolment application. Once signed and submitted, the details will be verified by the GST System.
  9. If all the details are found satisfactory ,an Application reference number ( ARN) will be issued .Provisional id status – Migrated till appointed date. that is the date of implementation of the GST Act.
  10. On appointed date, Provisional ID Status change to the  – ‘Active’  status and a provisional registration certificate will be issued to every registered tax payer.
  11. You will then be able to utilise the services available at the GST Common portal like filing returns ,Making GST Payment.

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