Download GST rates & HSN/SAC codes in excel & pdf format

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GST is the new Indirect tax implemented in India from  1st July 2017. We will share an Excel sheet & PDF with Complete Gst rate ,HSN & SAC Codes for Downloading. However this may not be a complete or exhaustive list of items under exemptions or attracting concessional rates under GST. Some of the items also attract Cess in addition to GST at the applicable rates..

GST has subsumed all other Indirect taxes and became common tax system for goods and services. Both goods and services have been categorized and sub categorized by Sections, Chapters,Headings,Sub headings for the easy identification and one can arrive HSN /SAC Codes using these classifications.

HSN Code : HSN code is for goods, and a system of nomenclature invented internationally. Now then India Government has implemented this International codes to Indian Goods and service tax regime. You can Down load the HSN codes along with goods description and tax rate below.

SAC Code : SAC Code is Service accounting codes developed by Central Board of Excise And Customs (CBEC),Was in use with service tax and now the same coding system is implemented with GST For accounting services.

GST rates : The GST rates has been decided by GST council headed by Union Finance Minister . The 23 rd Gst council meeting held on 10 Nov 2017 has made a lot of changes in GST rates. We have included this rate changes in this excel sheet.

There are five types of taxes under the system. they are

  1. CGST
  2. SGST
  3. IGST
  4. UTGST
  5. CESS

CGST & SGST are applicable for local sale, that is sale within the state. IGST is for interstate transactions, In union territory UTGST is applicable in place of SGST , interstate sale within UT attract UTGST& CGST and transaction between UT and other state  IGST is applicable.  Cess is applicable to both interstate and intra state transactions as notified by gst council. Cess is a compensatory tax for the loss of revenue to the state.

Here are the GST & cess rates  in excel and pdf format

DOWNLOAD GST rates & HSN Codes for Goods in Microsoft Excel Format

DOWNLOAD GST rates & SAC Codes for services in Microsoft Excel Format

DOWNLOAD GST rates & HSN Codes for Goods in PDF Format.

Download GST rates & SAC Codes for Services in PDF Format.

Download Comprehensive list of HSN SAC  code list in PDF Format

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